Finance Manager

Throughout the year, the team will make acquisitions, whether it be parts of materials. It is important that these finances are tracked and analysed to streamline the team’s processes. In addition to tracking finances, the competition requires the team to record data on each component coming through the door, in something like a Global Analysis Matrix. Here each part will have data attached to it (cost, weight, location on vehicle and quantity).

The role would include but wouldn’t be limited to:

  • Ensuring that documented information is updated accurately
  • Opportunity to work in a team that will deliver the Business Presentation as part of the competition
  • Maintaining and building new relationships with internal and external sponsors
  • Tracking the team budget
  • Working closely with the team on producing and presenting the Cost presentation at the live event in Silverstone

Skills to gain and represent:

  • Ability to solve problems creatively
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good communication
  • Professional and Industry awareness