What we do

We are Salford University’s society for anyone with an interest in engineering, motorsport or gaining valuable professional experience. We compete in the annual Formula Student UK event, which involves designing and manufacturing a prototype single-seater race car to present to the judges at the live event in Silverstone. The competition involves a range of judging sessions ranging from engineering related, to cost and business. Due to the vast range in judging categories, we recruit students from a range of backgrounds, not just engineering! So, if you’re interested in joining with an IT/Business/Accounting/Media perspective then come along and chat to us! Aside from this, we are an active social society, through our regular meetings and social events.

What we offer

  • Various opportunities to gain professional experience and business awareness
  • The opportunity to work on something real and industry related
  • A diverse team of engineers and students from different backgrounds
  • An insight into motorsport and the automotive industry
  • A chance to use industry standard machinery such as our waterjet cutter or the new HAAS 5-axis CNC machine
  • Face-to-face meetings, and training
  • Chance to compete at the Silverstone FSUK Event
  • Monthly socials!

These are the vacancies that our team needs most right now:

Finance Manager: Throughout the year, the team will make acquisitions, whether it be parts of materials. It is important that these finances are tracked and analysed to streamline the team’s processes. In addition to tracking finances, the competition requires the team to record data on each component coming through the door, in something like a Global Analysis Matrix. Here each part will have data attached to it (cost, weight, location on vehicle and quantity).

Project Manager: As with every project, someone is needed to track the progress and maintain consistency amongst the team. This is usually done through various procedures that ensure that deliverables are on time to keep the team at maximum performance. At Salford Racing this role would also oversee the Business team.

Packaging Engineer: This position is responsible for how the entirety of the vehicle will physically fit together. This role is vital to the overall success of the vehicle, as a plan of how the parts integrate directly affects the lead times and progression of the build.

Electrical Engineer : The aim for this position is to understand and create the primary wiring system for the vehicle. The vehicle is required to have various inertia switches, safety loops and certain types of batteries. These systems are required to make the car rule compliant and safe for the Team and the driver.

Manufacturing Engineer: This role in the team is to manage and plan the manufacture of the designed parts for the car. This will include organising the times and processes in which to manufacture the designed parts to increase product efficiency. A good comprehension on engineering processes and fabrication is preferred for this role, as it will be the lead role for manufacturing. This role is for someone who can think outside the box, motivated by organisation, and has a passion to develop their teamworking skills.

Media (Videographer/Photographer): Salford Racing are looking into creating educational content such as YouTube videos which we can use to build the wider engineering community. We would like someone who has experience in a Media course who could film, edit and produce short clips for our channel and social media pages. This would also help with the marketing of the team to show to future sponsors.

If you are interested in joining, please email:engineering@salfordracing.com